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Product Info.

Product Name:Strands water cooling tank suction motor

Cooling tank with Moisture absorption machine for Extruder machine

Product Model: HQ-T

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Packing: Wooden case for water trough/water tank/Cooling tank with Moisture absorption machine for Extruder machine.

Equipped with water circulation system, can change the water easily.

                     Strands water cooling tank with suction motor                

                     General use water cooling  type tank 

                                                                 1M to 12M, depending on materials type


It connect with extruder machine. For the material cooling.

Cooling tank with Moisture absorption machine, so the plastic strip are dry before go to the Plastic pelletizer machine for cut to be pellets.
The result is, the if use our Cooling tank/water trough/water tank, the Plastic pelletizer machine can be more long life, the pellets will be more dry.


  Model   Material/Guide bar    Absorption of
   moisture Horse

  HQ-T60   304 stainless steel/4pcs   2HP  920KG  200*36*22
  HQ-T90   304 stainless steel/4pcs
   2HP  100KG  300*36*22
  HQ-T120   304 stainless steel/4pcs
   2HP  110KG  400*36*22