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Product Info.

Product Name:Best quality plastic Single-screw extruder

Best quality plastic extruder machines

Single-screw extruder

Model: HQ-120

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/fOrQPg8xJB4

HongQi Single-screw extruder

Top performance at a favourable price.

HongQi single-screw extruders form the basis for high-quality plastic products. Our portfolio includes technical solutions ready for use in many applications. However, we also develop for you individual screws and specific screw geometries, depending on raw material and product requirements. 

More then 200 recycling plastic factory around us in using our 
Single-screw extrusions line, and more then 1000 customers for domestic market can ensure our Single-screw extruder is the best quality in china market.

New customer are welcome for visit our customer recycling factory for inspection our machine.

Product description 

1. Improvement of productivity.

2. Non-stop production system.

3. Different pelletizing ways for different materials.

4. Efficient forced feeding with low energy consumption.

5. Barrel and screw with special design andsingle screw with exhaust system to ensure the capacity.

6. Pelletizing system: extrusion die adopts strong pelletizer machine to ensure it can work on both hard of soft material.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Power saving. Can save 30% power for the similar product in the market. 

    It means save 30% electric charge for factory owner.

2. More productive. Screw diameter is more small. It means: there is more material work on our machine than the similar product in the market. 

3. Machine with converters, protect whole machine. When there is low electrical current start-up machine, it can project gear box, protect the screw.

4. HongQi plastic Single-screw extruder can work for 800#, 1000# screen mesh. 

5. Use more strong material for the charging basket and screw. So more long life for charging basket and screw.

Application (Single-screw extruder)

For material : ABS, PC, PP, PE,HIPS, TPU, AB coloration, mix, modified, added , composite,recycling, make granular. Professional work in CLEAR PC material.