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Product Info.

Product Name:Polycarbonate (PC)Recycling Extruder Machine Production Line

Model: HQ-120

Professional in Polycarbonate (PC)Recycling Extruder Machine Production Line.

Extruder screw option:

1. PC material, excellent work in PC material.

2.Currency screw: Extruder can work in different plastic: ABS/ AS/ COC/ EVA/ LCP/ PA/ PBT/ PC/ PE/ PEI/ PET/ PMMA/ PP/ PS/ PVB/ PVC and so on.

Polycarbonate (PC)Recycling Extruder Machine Production Line

Model: HQ-120

Power: 110KW, VF

Capacity: 400~600 kg/h, or 10~12 ton per 24 hours.

Model: HQ-90

Power: 55KW, VF

Capacity: 200~300 kg/h, or 4~7 ton per 24 hours.

Production line configuration:

Vertical plastic mixer (With drying system): 1~8 ton capacity.

Screw Loader: Connect with vertical plastic mixer and extruder machine, feed the materials to the extruder.

Polycarbonate (PC)Recycling Extruder Machine. 

Water cooling tank with suction motor

Pellets Cutting Machine

Vibrating Machine with Hopper

Advantage for PC Recycling Extruder Machine Production Line:

1. Extruder machine with frequency converter (VF), power saving. Save about 25%~30% power. 

2. Machine not damage MFR in PC, pellets color as same as material .

3. Whole production line install frequency converter, power saving.

HongQi Plastic Machinery Manufactures professional produce Polycarbonate (PC)recycling extruder machine production Line.

Factory have more than 20 years experience in single screw extruder production. Machine export to all over the world.