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Product Info.

Product Name:Plastic Pellets Cutting Machine

Best Quality plastic pellets cutting machine

Model: HQ-10

Competitive Advantage (Plastic Pellets Cutting Machine):

1. Low noise. For whole machine, material is more thick then the similar product in the market. So machine work more peaceful.

2. More strong. Cutter frame use 304 stainless steel, thick is 50 mm, surface electroplating treatment.

3. Cutting wheel use tungsten carbide with inlaid alloy or SKD-11 steel. 28 blade.

4. Whole machine without dead angle, not keep pellets in the machine, easy clean.

So it is the best quality PC, PE, PP, PA, PA, ABS, EVA, COC, PMMA, PET plastic pellets cutting machine supplier in china.


Gear hobbing 


Apply to Cut PC, PP, PE , ABS, HDPE etc,  Recycled Granules.

Easy Operation and Maintenance;

Low energy consumption.

The pellets after come out cutting machine will go to the Vibrating Machine with Hopper.

Plastic Pellets Cutting Machine description:

Pellets cutting machine with function of automatic traction and cut off the plastic strip, through the sharp tuning speed to adjust the size of pellets size.

According to different material to configure reasonable cutter wheel knife, machine can work on both hard of soft material.

Parameter(Plastic Pellets Cutting Machine):

           Model         Size(mm)      Motor  capacity       Weight(KG)
             HQ-5         750*700*1180                  3KW      VF               350
             HQ-10         900*780*1200                  5.5KW   VF               500
             HQ-10B         900*780*1200                  7.5KW   VF               550
             HQ-20         1000*1300*1400                  11KW    VF                    750

Packaging & Delivery:
Wooden case
Delivery after 10 days, after confirm 50% payment advance by T/T.