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Product Info.

Product Name:Plastic Vibrate Screen Machine With Storage Hopper


Plastic Vibrate Screen Machine With Storage Hopper can using for materials cooling, 

Screening and packing.

There are three models available for choose: 

Normal model, for pellets 25KG package

Special model for Jumbo bag baling

Dual purpose model, for Jumbo bag and 25KG package

If without strictly required for the size of the plastic pellet, can choose our 

Air Blower Machine with Storage Hopper

This the last equipment of the Plastic granulator production line, the plastic pellet after come out this machine can be pack direct.

But some customer will add a Vertical mixing machine at the line last.

Product Features:

1. Compact design, easy to operate, cleanup easy and fast;

2. Less failure, maintenance;

3. Lightweight, with Caster, mobile and flexible;

4. Uneven granules and powders can be automatically screened out;

5. Made of stainless steel materials, raw materials free from pollution.

6. Mesh aperture can be customized according to customer demand.

Parameter (Plastic Vibrate Screen Machine With Storage Hopper):

  Model  Vibration
 Motor power (KW) 
  Blowing Machine 
 Motor power (KW) 
  Storage Hopper 
 capacity (KG)
  Screen Mesh Layer   Mesh Size 
  HQ-600  0.9*2  2.2  350  3  Φ6.0/Φ1.5
  HQ-1000    0.9*2
  2.2  500  3  Φ6.0/Φ1.5
  HQ-1000  0.9*2
  2.2  500  3  Φ6.0/Φ1.5
  HQ-1500  0.15*2  3  500  3  Φ6.0/Φ1.5
  HQ-2000  0.18*2  3.8  800  3  Φ6.0/Φ1.5

Spare parts

Blowing Machine