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Product Info.

Product Name:Plastic Pellets Vibration Sieve

Product Name:Plastic Pellets Vibration Sieve

China Plastic Pellets Vibration Sieve supplier

It is the last equipment of the Plastic granulator production line, the plastic pellet after come out this machine can be pack direct to bulk bag

Product Features:

1. Compact design, easy to operate, when refueling cleanup easy and fast;

2. Less failure, maintenance;

3. Light weight, with Caster, mobile and flexible;

4. Uneven granules and powers can be automatically screened out;

5. Made of stainless steel materials, raw materials free from pollution.

6. Mesh aperture can be customized according to customer demand. 

Application: cut pellets-siever-cool and homogenize-packing

Parameter (Linear Vibrating Screen Machine):

   Model   Feeding Power   Storage tank capacity   Weight (KG)
   HQ-600   2.2KW   350KG   200
   2.2KW   500KG   250
   3.8KW   500KG   280

If without strictly required for the size of the plastic pellet, can choose our 

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Fittings of a machine

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