HongQi Plastic Machinery

Product Info.

Product Name:Vertical plastic mixer

Vertical plastic raw material mixer


Product Description

1. Vertical mixture design, fast and uniform stirring.

2. Machinery is made of high quality stainless steel.

3. Installed with power control device to ensure safety.

4. Suitable for a variety of plastic raw materials color mixing, including modification, processing, recycling, and color master batch have a very good effect.

We also offer Vertical plastic mixer with drying system, this machine can make the material full mixture and dry.

Technical Parameters

    Model  Motor Capacity  Mixer Capacity     Size  Machine Weight
  HQ-1000        4KW      1000KG  1.6*2.8M        400KG
  HQ-2000        5.5KW      2000KG  1.8*3.3M        500KG
  HQ-3000        7.5KW      3000KG  2.2*3.8M        700KG
  HQ-5000        11KW      5000KG  2.4*4.3M        1000KG
  HQ-6000        11KW      6000KG  2.5*4.3M        1100KG
  HQ-8000        18.5KW      8000KG  2.8*5.2M        1300KG
  HQ-10000        18.5KW      10000KG  3.3*5.3M        2000KG
  HQ-12000        1835KW      12000KG  3.6*5.3M        2200KG