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Product Info.

Product Name:Vertical plastic mixer with drying system

Vertical plastic mixer with drying system

Model: HQ-2000

Product Description:

1. Mixer tank can be wash by water, when need replace different materials.

2. Machine installed with power control device to ensure safety.

3. This Vertical plastic mixer with drying system with heating function optional.

4. Machinery is made of high quality stainless steel with vertical design, save more space.

5. Remove the water of raw material, flakes, granule, powder, manure, feed, etc. (including modification of color , hardness, tenacity etc.)

For the material without humidity request, can choose our  Vertical plastic mixer.

Technical Parameters:

 ModelMotor Capacity Dryer Capacity Mixer  Capacity   Size Weight
 HQ-1000        4KW 18KW/550W 1000KG 1.6*2.8M 400KG
 HQ-2000        5.5KW 18KW/550W 2000KG 1.8*3.3M 500KG
 HQ-3000        7.5KW 18KW/550W 3000KG 2.2*3.8M 700KG
 HQ-5000        11KW 21KW/1500W 5000KG 2.4*4.3M 1000KG
 HQ-6000        11KW 21KW/1500W 6000KG 2.3*4.5M 1100KG
 HQ-8000        18.5KW 21KW/1500W 8000KG 2.8*5.5M 1300KG
 HQ-10000        18.5KW 30KW/2200W 10000KG 3.3*5.3M 2000KG
 HQ-12000        18.5KW 30KW/2200W 12000KG 3.6*5.3M 2200KG