HongQi Plastic Machinery

Product Info.

Product Name:Adjustable Speed Feeding Hopper

Feeder for granule machine

This machine is install on the plastic extruder, the plastic scrap will come from the feeder, then go to the plastic extruder.


1. Machine with frequency conversion,  power saving 30%.

2. Can set up the speed for the feeder when granule machine work on different kinds of plastic , control the plastic scrap quantity to the granule machine.

3.  Plastic extruder machine if work with the feeder,can extend the life.

Parameters (Feeder for granule machine):

        Model      HQ-89      HQ-114      HQ-114B
        Gear motor capacity       400W/40:1      750W      1500W
        Feeding capacity         300KG      600KG      1000KG
        Size      0.8*0.8M      1.1M      1.3*1.3M