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Product Info.

Product Name:Single Screw Extruder HQ-65(Manual type screen changer)

SHQ® Single Screw Extruders line, especially for Rigid Plastic Recycling, is excellent for making PC/PA/ 

ABS/PMMA ect. granule.

Plastic Pelletizing Line Basics Equipment:

Single screw Plastic Extruder 1 piece

Water cooling tank with suction motor 1 piece   

Plastics Pellets Cutting Machine  1 piece

Plastics Vibrating Machine with Hopper  1 piece


Machine Advantage:

1. Power saving. The SHQ® single screw extruder line is 30% more energy efficient than comparable products.
 It means saving 30% on electric charges for factory owners.

2. More productive. The screw diameter is smaller. It means: there is more material work on our machine than a similar product in the market. 

3. Machine with converters, protect the whole machine. When there is a low electrical current start-up machine, 
it can protect the gearbox and the screw.

4.  SHQ® single screw extruder line can work for 800# and 1000# screen mesh. 

5. Stronger materials are used for the barrels and screws, the barrels and screws have a longer life.


                                    Youtube: https://youtu.be/jKB3IaEOYis

Product Features (single screw extruder line):

1. We design the die heating system to ensure that the material reaches the required temperature quickly.
2. The machine is frequency-controlled, with low power start-up and smooth instantaneous current.
3. Offer multiple heat treatments and design for screws without extra charge.
4. Gearbox with forced cooling and filtration system to meet European standards.
5. Special steel is used for screws and barrels with heat treatment. The machining process meets international standards.
6. The barrel is automatically temperature controlled by P.L.D. The material will never change color or yellow (especially with transparent PC polycarbonate material) and will not develop black spots.
7. With automatic or vacuum degassing system (optional).
8. The temperature of the mold head, screen changer, and barrel are individually controlled. All drive systems run synchronously.
9. Optional hand-cranked screen changer or hydraulic screen changer.

Technical Data 

          Model No.      HQ-45      HQ-65      HQ--90  HQ-105(High speed)        HQ-120      HQ-150
   Capacity (PC+ABS)
  20-50KG/HR  80-130KG/HR 200-300KG/HR      400-600KG/HR 400-600KG/HR
Install Dimension (mm)
       Total Weight
      1500KG      1800KG

Welcome to visit our factory!

1. Have more than 200 customers around our factory from 1km ~30km, very welcome to visit our factory or our customer plastic factory for the recycling granulator machine production line.
2. Our Single screw extrusion line for PC granules occupies 85% market in the locality.
3. Some biggest manufacturers in this plastic recycling industry are our customers.