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Product Info.

Product Name:Plastic screw feeder loader/feeding machine

Plastic screw feeder loader

Plastic feeding machine


This model is the hot sales model for high quality plastic auto screw loader.



HongQi series plastic screw feeder loader/feeding machine  

It is is a necessary auxiliary machine for plastic processing mechanism. 

It can directly convey granular plastic materials or power to the hopper, 

High speed mixing machine,

Feeder for granule machine,

Horizontal ribbon mixer,

Vertical plastic mixer,

plastic color mixer or stirring machine etc. 

Machine made by stainless steel except the rack, for ensure  materials will not be polluted when conveying process.

(Height and inclination can be customized), and by the feeder control feeding.

The plastic screw feeder loader/plastic screw feeding machine no need installation, can be free to move by wheel, wheel with braking.

Features for plastic screw loader

1. This machine is suitable for color master batch, powder and various raw materials.

2. Refueling can be washed with water.

Parameters (Plastic auto screw loader)

     Model    HQ-141    HQ-159    HQ-219
     Powder of feeding motor(kw)
    2.2KW*4    4KW*4    5.5KW*4
     Feeding volume(kg/h)
    300    500    1000
     Machine size
    0.5*1M    0.6*1.1M     0.8*1.3M